Bench Made out of Bottle Caps Presented to Hickory Ridge Golf Course

Mar 12, 2019

There's a new, unique bench located outside the clubhouse at Hickory Ridge Golf Course in Carbondale.

The bench is made out of more than 400 pounds of recycled plastic bottle caps. It was part of a project by the Carbondale Lion's Club and the Boys and Girls Club of Carbondale.

Lions Club President Gary Metro.
"It's in memory of Dick Bradley, who was a member of the Lions Club and a good friend. He came up with the idea to put a bench together for the golf course."

The plaque located on the special bench at Hickory Ridge.
Credit Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

Bradley's widow, Ellen, says her late husband passed away last August, the day before the bench was delivered.
"I wish that he had lived long enough to sit here on the other end. He would have enjoyed that very much."

Kyla Ford is a 10-year-old member of the Boys and Girls Club.
"I came to help everyone sort out the bottle caps. It took a while. But, we all did (it) and pitched in and then eventually we got soda and pizza, which was very fun."
Boys and Girls Club CEO Tina Carpenter says members of both organizations collaborated to make this an educational project.
"They did a full-blown presentation to the Lions Club about plastic, the pros and cons of it and what it's doing to our environment."

A close-up look at one of the bench legs made out of recycled bottle caps.
Credit Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio