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Local Election Results

Election Graphic
Pearl Franz

These results will be updated

*Editor's note: This story has been updated to correct information in the Jackson County Board races. WSIU regrets the error.

Results from around the WSIU Region:

Franklin County:
In the one contested county-wide race, Republican Kyle Bacon won the nomination for Sheriff over Ben Burkhamer.

For County Board District one, Neil Hargis, Curtis Overton, and Angela Evans were all winners on the GOP ticket. Meanwhile Randall Crocker and Raymond Scott picked up the Democratic nomination.

In District two, Rebublicans Ray Minor, Brad Wilson, and Larry Miller are all nominated.

District three saw John Gossett, Jack Warren, and Kevin Weston win GOP nominations.

Jackson County:
Like many other counties across the region, there weren't many contested races in Jackson County on Tuesday.

In the race for County Board, Rebecca Mathis and Rodney Beckman won the Democratic nomination in District 2 and will square off with Republicans Daniel Bost and Andrew Erbes in November.

Democrats T.C. Mueller and Clarence Colandro ran a close race for District 3, and will be on the ballot in the General Election.

In District 4, Faith Miller garnered more votes than Christine Snyder - both will be on November's ballot.

Julie Peterson and John Rendleman will represent the Democratic Party in the General Election in District 5, along with Elizabeth Ashley and Scott Camparato in District 6.

Kevin Lister and Nel Battrell also advanced to November after in District 7.

Jefferson County:
The results for the Jefferson county Democratic primary are Connie Simmons for county clerk and recorder and Kathy Hulbert, Derek Wilson, and Michael Young for county board member.

On the Republican ticket, Joseph Davis is nominated for county clerk and recorder, Bob Watt for county treasurer, and Jeffrey D. Bullard Sr. for county sheriff.

Nominees for county board member will be Steve Draege, John R. Howard, Joey McDermott, Timothy T. Marlow, Cory Capps, Jeff L. Williams, Jeffrey Nowland, Clifford Lindemann, Adam Ortgiesen, Jeff W. Stewart and Wayne Hicks.

Voters in Mt. Vernon were asked two questions on the primary ballot - Should the City Clerk be a non-elected position, and should the Treasurer's position be eliminated. By a slim margin, voters said "no" on the question of whether the City Clerk should be a non-elected position... and by a wider margin they also said no to eliminating the Treasurer.

Perry County:
In Perry county, for the Republican primary, Robert Kelly will be the nominee for county clerk, Jodi M Koester for county treasurer, and Chad Howard for county sheriff. Jennifer Martin and Joseph Folden are the nominees for county commissioner.

For the Democratic primary, Josh Smith is the nominee for supervisor of assessments and Dallas Bigham is nominated for county commissioner.

Union County:
The Democratic primary has nominated Dale Foster for County Sheriff, and Jacob Dent and Marsha Griffin for County Commissioner.

On the Republican ballot, Lance Meisenheimer is nominated for County Clerk, Leigh Burns for County Treasurer, David Wilkins for County Sheriff, and David Gould and Brandon Bierstedt for County Commissioner.

Williamson County:
In Williamson County, Ashley Gott has won the GOP nomination for County Treasurer, defeating Rob Underwood 46-percent to 29-percent. He'll face Democrat William "Andy" Boner in November's general election.

Republican Jim Rasor will face off against Democratic Incumbent Brent Gentry in the race for County Commissioner.

Turnout in Williamson County was roughly 20-percent, with just over nine-thousand ballots cast. The vast majority of voters took Republican ballots.

Regional Races:
Illinois Legislature:
It appears incumbents will win their respective nominations in newly-drawn legislative districts in southern Illinois.

Patrick Windhorst has a 3-to-1 lead over Ron Ellis for the GOP nomination in the 117th district - which now covers most of southeastern Illinois.

Meanwhile Paul Jacobs carries nearly the same lead over Aaron Smith in the 118th district.

Appellate Court:
Two Republicans seeking their party's nomination for a seat on the Appellate Court in southern Illinois have a very close race.

Not all counties are complete, and the race between Mike McHaney and Barry Vaughan is too close to call. Vaughan held a slight lead as of 10pm.

The winner of the race will face Democrat Brian Roberts in November.

Regional Superintendent:
Just one contested race for regional school superintendent in our region... and with some counties still incomplete Annette Jaynes is leading Nancy Bittner 60-percent to 40-percent. That district covers Alexander, Jackson, Perry, Pulaski and Union Counties.

Lori LeQuatte and Elizabeth Rister were unopposed in their respective districts.

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