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SIU Criminal Justice Professor offers thoughts on January 6th Select House Committee hearings

Rioters clash with police outside the Capitol on Jan. 6.
Roberto Schmidt
AFP via Getty Images
Rioters clash with police outside the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Thursday night the January 6th Select House Committee began their public hearings laying out their case against former President Donald Trump.

For the last year the January 6th Committee has been investing the insurrection at the Capital in 2021.

Thursday night they began presenting their finding including new video from the attack, testimonies from Capital Police Officer Caroline Edwards, Ivanka Trump and former Attorney General William Barr.

Committee vice chair Republican Representative Liz Cheney claims President Trump coordinated a 7-part plan to overturn the election.

Criminology and Criminal Justice Professor Chris Mullins says the hearings have a lot of new details that the public hasn’t seen yet.

“The videos they showed yesterday and then some of the testimonies from the firsthand accounts are awesome and a great court style evidence too. But we really need to get to the phone records and some of that and some of the interactions between key parties in the days leading up to it, which they have promised they're going to get to next week.”

The next hearings are scheduled for June 15th at 10am and the 11th at 1pm.

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