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Senator Durbin Celebrates American Rescue Plan

US Sen. Dick Durbin said the tax credit will move families out of poverty.

US Senator Dick Durbin says the newly expanded child tax credit will help give working families peace of mind, helping parents afford safe, reliable childcare.

Durbin celebrated the passage of the American Rescue Plan, and specifically the expansion of the child tax credit. The amount of the credit has increased, and families will now get cash payments. The credit is non-refundable, making it available to those who don’t have to pay income taxes. Durbin said the change will affect roughly 2.5 million children in Illinois.

“It’s just wrong in America for somebody to be working hard and trying to raise a child or children and still be below the poverty line, so we’re setting out to change that,” Durbin said.

In other issues facing the Senate, Durbin expressed support for raising taxes on the wealthy, and showed a willingness to consider changing Senate rules to abolish the filibuster.

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