Jennifer Fuller

Associate Director for News & Public Affairs, Morning Edition Host

WSIU's award winning reporter bringing you the morning news, local political talk and market forecasts.

Jennifer Fuller joined the WSIU family at a very young age- as both a viewer and a listener! Growing up in Carterville, Jennifer enjoyed WSIU's PBS programming as a child and young adult, and then became even more involved when she attended SIUC and worked for both the radio and TV stations as a student.

Jennifer's love for news and public affairs led her to Springfield after college, where she earned her Master's Degree in Public Affairs Reporting from the University of Illinois-Springfield, and interned with the Illinois Radio Network. After that, she was an award-winning anchor and reporter for WTAX-AM in Springfield, covering education, medicine and political issues for the capitol city.

Following her time in Springfield, Jennifer returned home to southern Illinois, where she rejoined WSIU as a News Producer and Morning Anchor. She expanded and continued the Morning Conversation program, interviewing leaders in politics, education, medicine, arts and many other areas from all over the region and all over the world.

Jennifer is heavily involved in many organizations, including the Illinois News Broadcasters Association, where she currently serves as Past President. She also volunteers her time at her church and in other community groups and events.

Ways to Connect

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with John A Logan Associate Professor of Finance David England about unemployment, interest rates, the global economy and more.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with Author Adam Stone about his new spoken word ballet, "A Life Unhappening." Also joining in the conversation is Stone's daughter and choreographer, Chelsea.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller reports the morning's news and weather.

This week's Science Cafe' at the Science Center of Southern Illinois features a discussion on floods.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller interviews SIU President Glenn Poshard about pensions and tuition waivers, Moody's ratings, collaboration between Carbondale and Edwardsville and much more.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller interviews author and historian Herbert Russell about his book, "The State of Southern Illinois."

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller has the morning's news and weather.

Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka says she's fulfilling a campaign promise with the launch of her new financial web portal, "The Ledger."

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller has the morning's news and weather.

Illinois Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon says she's releasing her 2011 tax returns and statement of financial interest in an attempt to spur others to follow her lead.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller has the morning's news and weather.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller interviews Southern Illinois Healthcare Vice-President Woody Thorne and Memorial Hospital of Carbondale Emergency Medical Services Director Dr. Joseph Haake about the potential $2.7 billion cuts to next year's Medicaid budget. They've developed a website to illustrate their concerns at

An investigation continues into the deaths of two women after their care submerged in Cedar Lake near Carbondale.

Illinois officials will suspend road construction - where possible - to ease traffic flow for the Easter holiday weekend.

The Illinois State Bar Association is offering up some advice and services for people affected by severe weather and other disasters.

Gun rights advocates score a victory when the Illinois Supreme Court allows a challenge to a Cook County assault weapons ban to proceed.

The state's Firearm Owners Identification program has a heap of problems, according to an audit released Thursday.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller has the morning's news and weather information.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller has the morning's news and weather.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller interviews SIU Trustee Don Lowery about the recent dust-up between some members of the Board of Trustees and the school's President.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller has the morning's news and weather information.

With gasoline prices around $4 a gallon, it can pay to plan those weekend errands in the car.

An indicator of Illinois' economic growth has broken the 100 mark for the first time in more than three years.
The monthly University of Illinois Flash Index came in at 101 for March, up from 99-point-2 in February.
Anything over 100 indicates economic growth.

But index author and U of I economist Fred Giertz says there's nothing magical about that level, noting Illinois' unemployment rate is at 9-percent, compared to 8-point-3 percent nationwide.

A series of exhibits, seminars and lectures this month on the SIUC campus focuses on Antarctica and climate change. From polar ice melt to the danger facing animals like polar bears, experts are sharing their experiences and urging people to pay more attention. 

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talked with NASA Climatologist Claire Parkinson and SIUC Geographer and Climatologist Justin Schoof about their work.

You can learn more about the upcoming exhibits and events by logging on to

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller has the morning's news and weather.

SIUC Police are asking people to be careful after an attack on the west side of campus last Friday.

Illinois officials are offering  Harrisburg and other southern Illinois communities hit by February's deadly tornado $13 Million in state and small business aid.

Governor Pat Quinn has named a new Leader for the Department of Public Health.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller interviews political activist and former political prisoner Bo Kyi, who visited Carbondale to share his experiences in Burma.

Kevin Boucher/WSIU

Members of Illinois' Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability heard testimony Monday in Ullin on the potential closing of the Tamms Super-max Prison.