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The CDC is recommending the hepatitis B vaccine for adults under 60

A child getting a vaccine.
The hepatitis b vaccine is a series of three shots.

The CDC is now recommending all adults between 19 and 59 be vaccinated for hepatitis B.

The CDC says adults over 60 who are at high risk for hepatitis B should also get vaccinated.

Southern 7 Health Department outreach coordinator Shawnna Rhine said left untreated, hepatitis B can lead to serious liver illness, including cancer.

"There are a handful of vaccines out there, that are actually cancer preventative vaccines, and hepatitis B is one of those," Rhine said.

The hepatitis B vaccine is given to infants now, but adults born before 1991 may not have received it. The CDC estimates that around 60 million people are not vaccinated.

The hepatitis B vaccine is a series of 3 shots. They are available at doctors offices or through your local health department.

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