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COVID Testing And Vaccine Cancellations

Health departments are rescheduling appointments due to inclement weather.

Numerous local health departments are making changes to vaccine clinics and COVID testing because of the winter weather. 

Some public health departments are rescheduling their planned COVID vaccine clinics because too many people won't be able to make it out this week.

Most clinics are being pushed to next week, though some departments say they're going to try for later this week.

Experts say if you're due for a second dose of the vaccine, waiting a few more days or even a week isn't a big deal. Health leaders say they're working to reschedule as many of the appointments as they can. If you have questions, contact your primary care provider.

Illinois closed its mobile COVID testing sites for Monday, but expects many to reopen on Tuesday. Officials say your best bet is to call ahead if you have an appointment - and make sure the department or office is open.