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Addiction Recovery Advocate Ryan Hampton Speaks At Spotlight Series In Marion

Ryan Hampton Addiction Recovery Advocate
Ryan Hampton
Ryan Hampton Addiction Recovery Advocate

Monday night at Heartland Regional Medical Center, Centerstone will present their next spotlight series highlighting key health topics in the community.

For 10 years Ryan Hampton lived with an opioid addiction.

He’s over 3 years into recovery and has become a nationally recognized advocate for addiction recovery.

Centerstone a not for profit organization specializing in mental health and substance abuse.

They invited Ryan to share his experiences at Heartland Regional Monday night for their spotlight series.

Centerstone Executive Director for Illinois John Markley says Hampton able to captivate an audience.

“I think he brings it down to your and my level about the impact of this on our society and how personal it is.”

Markley says the former white house staffer is part of a national effort to change the stigma and perception of people in recovery.

“He’s breaking down some of the cultural barriers that have kept people in suffering and in silence about this issue, it’s not just those on the fringe, that we look at as drug addicts and people that have struggled with addiction all their lives.”

Markley says it’s a lifelong effort for those in recovery and they need support to be successful.