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Growing infrastructure jobs showcased at Carbondale Civic Center

Two men talking at an Expo booth
Kevin Boucher
An attendee at the Carbondale Career Expo learns about apprenticeship programs at the Carbondale Civic Center.

Scores of mostly high school students explored jobs in the trades on Tuesday at a Career Expo held at the Carbondale Civic Center. Tate Wright, with the Egyptian Building Trades, says an apprenticeship is an option for some who are not sure about going to a four year University.

"The great thing about an apprenticeship is, you can get paid while you learn a career. Unlike college where you have to go to school for four years and you're strapped with student debt."

One student says the event is helping him decide on his future.

"I was really interested in the electrical training, because I plan on going in towards that field when I get out of high school."

The Career Expo was sponsored by the Carbondale NAACP, the City of Carbondale, and the Egyptian Building Trades.

For those who were not able to attend the May 3rd, 2022 Career Fair, learn more by visiting: https://www.ilafl-cio.org/building-trades-councils/

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