Southern Illinois Radio Information Service

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The Southern Illinois Radio Information Service, SIRIS, is a community service of WSIU Public Broadcasting which provides a reading and information service for individuals who are blind, visually impaired and print-disabled.

Any person in the WSIU-FM (91.9) or WVSI-FM (88.9) listening area whose eyesight or physical condition makes it impossible to read a newspaper or book qualifies to receive the SIRIS broadcast. SIRIS programming is broadcast on a subcarrier frequency of the WSIU-FM and WVSI-FM main signal. The broadcast can only be heard on a special radio receiver that is pre-tuned to the SIRIS broadcast. SIRIS is funded in part by WSIU Public RadioSouthern Illinois University Carbondale United Way of Southern Illinois, and the Illinois State Library as well as from donations from supporters in our region.

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Volunteer Readers

Learn more about our volunteer readers through our volunteer profiles.

Volunteers play an important role in providing this valuable community service. Why not consider becoming a SIRIS volunteer? If you have an understandable voice and a love of reading and can spend a half-hour weekly reading a local newspaper, we'd love to have your help.

Volunteers are required to schedule an orientation and short audition with our staff. The short audition includes reading a newspaper article. To become a SIRIS Volunteer Reader contact our office at 618-453-2808.

How do I get more information?

You can request an application by contacting the SIRIS office at 618-453-2808,or download the application here. You can fax the application to 618-453-2801 or mail it to:
1003 Communications Bldg
1100 Lincoln Drive Mailcode 6602
Carbondale, IL 62901

After receiving your application, a radio will be shipped to you. The radio will be loaned to you as long as you desire, and can be renewed each year.

SIRIS Advisory Board

Chair/Director - Vickie Devenport, Makanda

Secretary - Kim Mahoney, Carbondale

Vice Chairperson - Christine Gilbert, Carbondale


Anita Eckhardt, Elkville

Tedda Becker, Carbondale

JP Dunn, Carbondale

Suzanne Gorrell, Carbondale

Kay Hickey, Carbondale

Brad Klein, Carbondale

Frank McCluskey, Carbondale

John Steward, Carbondale

Karthik Tadisina, Carbondale