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Education Secretary Arne Duncan To Step Down

After nearly seven years in office, Education Secretary Arne Duncan will step down in December. The former head of Chicago Public Schools came to Washington back in 2009 with his friend — a newly-elected President Obama.Duncan's tenure was remarkable for two reasons:First, he got a lot done. A lot. The list is long, so, for the purposes of this short post, let's focus on perhaps the biggest thing he did, which was also one of the first things he did. In the summer of 2009, Duncan made this...
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As Illinois enters a second quarter without a budget in place ... Governor Bruce Rauner put the blame on legislators.  He made the remarks Friday following a manufacturing event in Effingham.

At a special meeting of the Union County Board of Commissioners recently, officials called on office holders to continue their careful spending.

SIU Reviews film critic Walter Metz examines the so called "Blaxploitation" film genre that got its start in the early 1970's with a closer look at Spike Lee's recent film Da Sweet Blood of Jesus.

Amtrak is now charging a $20 baggage fee to customers who bring more than the established limit.

Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari says the allowance is two bags of up to fifty pounds, carried on, plus two personal items, carried on, up to 25 pounds each.

Illinois has entered its fourth month without a budget, and former governor Pat Quinn says the piecemeal way some services are getting funded is a bad way to govern.

Leaders from colleges and universities across southern Illinois spent Thursday telling state lawmakers just what it's like to live without state money - and the uncertainty about whether any will arrive this year.

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

Thursday is the first day on the job for SIU-Carbondale interim Chancellor Brad Colwell.

City of Carbondale

Carbondale City Manager Kevin Baity is stepping down.

City officials announced his resignation Thursday morning, saying it is a mutual decision that is in the best interest of the City of Carbondale.

Daily news feeds are full of announcements and updates about candidates for next year's election.

But already ... worry is beginning to set in about the 2016 campaign season at Illinois' elections board. It's one of the agencies that has no state funding as lawmakers are at an impasse.

Illinois Dept. of Public Health

Visitors to the Ohio River in southern Illinois are being cautioned about potential toxins from blue-green algae.


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Dayemi Community Center
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WSIU InFocus: Dayemi Community Center Offers Homeshool Students a Place to Learn

It’s estimated that just over 3 percent of students in the US are homeschooled according to National Centers for Educational Statistics. That’s about 1.77 million kids that parents want in a alternative school environment.
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'Never Utter His Name,' Official Says Of Gunman In Oregon Shooting

Updated 7:30 p.m. ETA vigil was held in Roseburg, Ore., last night, hours after a man killed nine people at the local community college. Investigators say the man behind Thursday's shooting is also dead — and the county sheriff says he'll never say that man's name in public. Nine people were also wounded in the attack and treated in the hospital, according to authorities, who initially reported seven injured."I will not give him the credit he probably sought, prior to this horrific and...
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