Williamson Co. Suspends General Assistance Program

Dec 11, 2012

Williamson County's program to help needy residents get medical and prescription drug coverage has been suspended, as commissioners work to get a handle on mounting costs.

Commissioners voted Tuesday to suspend the General Assistance program indefinitely, and place the director, Cathy Motsinger, on paid leave. Commissioner Brent Gentry says there are just too many questions and rising costs, so they had to get a better idea of what they're dealing with.
Last week, county commissioners learned the GA program was more than $25,000 over budget for the fiscal year that ended November 30. That same day, another $25,000 worth of bills landed on their desk, and Gentry says the number is climbing. Commissioners met with pharmacists and medical providers to understand better just how much money is owed, and to work on crafting a program that can stay within its budget in the future but no new plan has been released yet.