So. Illinois Lawmaker to Be Recommended for Ambassadorship

May 12, 2017

A state senator from southern Illinois has been recommended as the next U-S ambassador to Kenya.

The seven Republicans in Illinois’ Congressional delegation sent a letter to President Donald Trump … saying Republican state Senator Kyle McCarter would be a good candidate for the job. McCarter has done charity work in the east-African country for decades.

He’d still have to be nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate.

“There’s processes to go through. I know this transition has been a big challenge for the new administration. So it’s up to them, it’s up to their decision and how quickly they move it along.”


President Trump has proposed slashing foreign aid by a third. McCarter says aid organizations will need to work with less, and focus on bringing American corporations into the fold.

“If we’re going to invest in power in Kenya, we should be investing with American corporations, and partnering together to do that. So there could be huge, huge advantages.”

Kenya is important to American interests in Africa. It borders South Sudan and Somalia and has two of the world’s largest refugee camps.


McCarter’s Illinois Senate career is coming to an end. He says he believes in term limits, and for that reason has decided not to seek reelection.