SIU Trustees Discuss Options as State Budget Impasse Continues

Mar 23, 2016

SIU Trustees are meeting for the first time since the university released a list of potential cuts. Those cuts might have to happen if the state budget impasse isn't resolved soon.

At a meeting in Edwardsville Wednesday, SIU President Randy Dunn told the board that without state funding soon, the university could face dire consequences.
"We can't go, as we are now, doing nothing, and not six-to-nine months down the road be like Chicago State or Eastern Illinois or Western Illinois."

Dunn says operating without state funding is unsustainable - and as the next fiscal year starts in July, SIU faces the same dire consequences other schools are dealing with.
"If we're sitting in mid-summer, and we have no FY17 budget, and the current status continues, and the General Assembly is no longer in session - if they've adjourned - then this Board at that point is probably going to have to come back together and make some very, very tough decisions."
Dunn's warning comes even as trustees are considering proposed tuition and fees for next year, and as Standard and Poor's added SIU to its "Credit Watch" list - with a negative outlook.

SIU and other public universities in Illinois are in their ninth month without any state funding. They're also covering the cost of MAP Grants for students, as the budget impasse continues.