SIU Trustees Begin Financial Sustainability Plan Consideration

Jul 12, 2017

SIU Trustees are considering a financial sustainability plan for the Carbondale campus that could include changes to the number of colleges and programs on campus.

Administrators say some programs and colleges have been identified for potential mergers or reorganizations. Associate Provost David DiLalla says that could cut administrative costs, and put more people back in the classroom.
"You've got a department chair who's now back in faculty status. He or she is now teaching courses that he or she would not have been teaching, doing research that wasn't being done, engaging in service activities. We've got more faculty to cover the tasks that a smaller faculty have had to cover, when you've got a single department."
The sustainability plan builds off of cuts that were already announced - including layoffs and cutbacks that began earlier this year. In addition to the $19 million already cut, an additional seven million dollars has been identified as one-time reductions for this year.

Seven degree programs are identified for potential enrollment suspension - which DiLalla says would begin the process of closing the programs.

Trustees will vote on the financial sustainability plan at their meeting Thursday in Springfield.