SEMO Announces Job Cuts

Jan 9, 2018

Southeast Missouri State University is eliminating some jobs.

University President Carlos Vargas Tuesday announced the need to eliminate 35 to 40 vacant and currently filled staff positions over the next five months due to a nine percent reduction in state appropriations for FY18.

Vargas says no filled faculty positions are being eliminated at this time. Vacant instructional positions may be filled, reallocated to another academic department or may remain vacant, depending on the needs of each department.

Vargas recently announced the reorganization of units across multiple University divisions and reduced operating budgets; plus the implementation of a Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program, which resulted in 74 faculty and staff retirements.

A four-month hiring delay will remain in effect at the Cape Girardeau School to provide one-time funds as budget reductions are implemented in FY19 and FY20.