Illinois' Gun Laws Remain Unchanged After Veto Session

Nov 13, 2017

With a national focus on gun violence, some Illinois lawmakers say now is the time for change.

Despite recent mass shootings, the legislature's fall veto session ended without any changes to gun laws in the state.

Democratic Representative Martin Moylan drafted legislation to ban bump stocks after the massacre in Las Vegas. The House rejected the measure, but Moylan says he plans to try again in the spring.
"I'm not giving up. Just because we have a setback doesn't mean it's going to fail. Even the hunters I deal with and speak to, they don't use a bump stock. The NRA and the Rifle Associations don't want to give on anything and that's not good."
Those opposed to the proposal say the language is too broad and would negatively impact law-abiding gun owners.

An additional bill that would impose tighter restrictions on gun dealers was never called for a vote in the House.