Gov. Rauner Signs School Funding Bill into Law

Aug 31, 2017

Governor Bruce Rauner has approved a major change in the way Illinois funds public schools.

He signed the bipartisan legislation at a school in Chicago, calling it a historic achievement.

"Today, we ensure that in the future, every child in Illinois has an equal chance at an excellent education."

Senator Andy Manar of Bunker Hill says agreeing on a new, fairer formula for doling out state money to districts across the state has been a long time coming.

The law will focus state education spending on school districts with the highest need. Those areas typically have less property wealth ... and more kids in poverty.

Rauner vetoed a similar proposal earlier this month, calling it a Chicago "bailout." But, the final deal sends even more money to Chicago Public Schools.

It also creates a pilot program offering tax credits for donations to private-school scholarship funds and eases state mandates regarding P.E. and driver's education.