GOP Candidates Make Final Pitches

Nov 1, 2014

Candidates and their campaigns are making last-minute stops all around the state ahead of Tuesday's election.

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bruce Rauner rallies voters in Marion on Saturday.
Credit Jennifer Fuller/WSIU Radio

In Marion Saturday, Republicans Terri Bryant, Mike Bost, Evelyn Sanguinetti, and Bruce Rauner rallied supporters - asking them not just to be sure to vote, but also to make sure their friends and neighbors made it to the polls.

"This is home. Home is worth fighting for, home is worth sacrificing for," Rauner told the crowd. "I love this state, and I can't stand to see how these career politicians have been taking us down the drain."

State Rep. Mike Bost, who is in a tight race for the 12th Congressional District against incumbent Democrat Bill Enyart and Green Party candidate Paula Bradshaw. Bost says voter turnout will be critical.

"This is one of the number one races in the nation. But we've got to have your help. We've got to get people motivated, we've got to get them excited."

Terri Bryant hopes to take Bost's seat in the Illinois General Assembly. She's also in a hotly contested race against Democrat Bill Kilquist. She says despite millions of dollars being spent on the race, she wants to keep representation close to home - not to those pumping money into the campaign from all over the state.

Early voting is already underway in Illinois. Election Day is Tuesday, November 4. You can listen to results on air Tuesday night on WSIU Radio, and find them online at