Fourth Carbondale Chancellor Finalist Dr. Carl Pinkert

Apr 27, 2017

The fourth and final candidate for SIU Carbondale Chancellor visited campus Thursday.

Dr. Carl Pinkert is currently the vice president for research at University of Alabama.

Dr. Carl Pinkert studied at Colorado State University, Western and Southern Illinois University and earned his Ph.D at University of Georgia.

Since then he’s work at many universities as a professor, research director, department head, and vice president of research.

Pinkert says he’s already faced cuts in state funding at his previous jobs and knows SIU will need to make changes.

“You can’t count on something happening the next year or within the next 18 months just as well as what you have in hand might not exist or be available a few years down the road.”

Through his experience Pinkert says he knows how to make lasting changes.

“We were able to accommodate and use those changes in state support to remodel the universities priorities became a very critical component for not only staying alive but really blossoming these institutions.”

He feels SIU needs to highlight some of its best programs to attract students and increase enrollment.

“I see signature programs on this campus, at least one in every college and school that will make that college or school a destination for interested student.”

The board of Trustees plans on announcing their hire at the board meeting in May.