Fewer Tornadoes in Illinois so far for 2013

It's been a pretty quiet start to 2013 when it comes to severe weather in Illinois.

Credit noaa.gov

So far in 2013 only two tornadoes have been reported in Illinois. That's a far cry from the 22 already on the books at this time last year.  That includes the deadly February tornado in Harrisburg that killed eight people.  But state climatologist Jim Angel says that could easily change as the temperatures begin to warm up.   Angel says there have also only been 25 reports of hail and 62 reports of wind damage so far in Illinois this year. 

The National Weather Service says the 12-month period from May 2012 to April 2013 was remarkable for the absence of tornado activity and tornado impacts throughout the United States.  The number of tornadoes in the US was the lowest on record at 197 and the number of 7 deaths was the second lowest during this 12-month period.