Danger On Area Waterways

Jul 10, 2017

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department says two people may have drowned Sunday afternoon in the Mississippi River.

Deputies say 50-year-old David Totten and 13-year-old Paul Johnson, both of DuQuoin, were swimming in the Mississippi River near the beach area of Devil's Backbone Park in Grand Tower. They were caught up in the current and pulled under water. They never resurfaced.

Rescue crews from the Jackson County Sheriff's Department and Illinois Department of Natural Resources are searching the river by boat with help from the U.S. Coast Guard. A search plane from the Illinois State Police searches by air.

A Cape Girardeau man drowned Friday in Kinkaid Lake.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department says 64-year-old Larry Huffman fell from a boat near the area known as Johnson Creek's "No Wake Zone." He never resurfaced.

Deputies say Huffman and another man were fishing from the boat, when the trolling motor quit and the men tried to pull it up to repair it when Huffman fell overboard. A group from another boat assisted his friend, but none of them could locate Huffman.

Deputies and officers from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources eventually found Huffman's body and pronounced him dead at the scene.