Carbondale Renegotiates Police Chief Contract

Oct 15, 2015

The Carbondale City Council will vote on an amended contract for Chief of Police Jeff Grubbs.

Without providing details, Mayor Mike Henry says he, the council and Chief Grubbs reworked the deal agreed upon last month.
"Again, Council has spent a lot of time, and Mr. Grubbs has spent a lot of time on this to make the adjustments the Council felt was necessary. We had a good back and forth and we have a good contract with the Chief now."
Henry says this is an unusual situation because Grubbs and former City Manager Kevin Baity worked out the contract details, just before Baity resigned.
"The contract, some people think, is subject to approval by the City Council. That's really up for debate. We have about an equal number of people on either side of that."
Grubbs' contract approved by Baity involved a yearly base salary of $108,000, plus $15,000 annually for Grubbs to relocate his primary residence within the city limits. The Chief's primary residence has been on property just outside the city limits that does not meet the city's residency requirements for department heads.

The City Council is expected to vote on the amended contract at its regular meeting on Tuesday.