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While much of the attention at the state capitol has been on pension and Medicaid reform,  southern Illinois lawmakers have been working to try and keep the state's only super maximum security prison open.

The Illinois House is considering a six-percent cut to state universities in next year's budget. That's nearly double the reduction in the budget plan that passed the Senate last week.

The dollar amount of the cuts would vary depending on the size of the institution:

For the three campuses of the University of Illinois ... in Urbana, Chicago and Springfield ... that amounts to a reduction of more than $42 million dollars.

Southern Illinois University would lose more than 14-point-seven million dollars.

In honor of Memorial Day. the Illinois House of Representatives paid tribute to Illinois military personnel who died in the past year.

Some parts of Illinois are approaching the three-digit temperature mark as well as near drought conditions.

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The Illinois General Assembly passed legislation Thursday that makes severe cuts in Medicaid, the health care program for the poor. Though the measures had broad support from both Republicans and Democrats, several lawmakers spoke out against the reductions.

Lawmakers in the Illinois House voted to slash health care for the state's poor.

The Illinois Senate passed its version of a state budget Wednesday.

There's a broad consensus that Illinois' next budget will cut two-point-seven billion dollars from the state's program of health care for the poor, Medicaid.

Earlier this week, it looked like a deal was near. But yesterday, a crucial voting bloc started backing away.

Representative Monique Davis and other African-American legislators say cuts to Medicaid would disproportionately affect their constituents.

Mayors from around the state gathered at the Illinois Capitol Wednesday to urge legislators not to divert their local revenue.

A push to make Illinois schools adopt more thorough policies to prevent bullying fell short in the state Senate Tuesday.

Proposed legislation supported by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has been filed in Springfield that would cut nearly $1.4 billion from the state's Medicaid program.

The Illinois Senate is considering a change to the state's minimum wage law.

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Child care providers and home care workers who receive subsidies from the state gathered in Springfield Tuesday.

Illinois would become a worldwide hub for online gambling if the president of the Illinois Senate has his way.

The Illinois Senate has approved a plan to consolidate nearly 25%  of Illinois' Regional Offices of Education.

A measure that would make it easier for prosecutors to obtain information about a defendant's H-I-V status is making its way through the Illinois legislature.

As college students prepare to take out federal loans for school, Congress will decide how much interest they'll be paying. The interest rate on the popular Stafford loans is set to double in July unless lawmakers take action.

Illinois businesses are fighting legislation that would force them to disclose key financial information.

Illinois business leaders didn't back Governor Pat Quinn when he was running for office but now they're touting his proposals to overhaul the state's pension system.

The Illinois Senate has agreed to end the practice of letting lawmakers hand out free college educations to their constituents.

Democratic Governor Pat Quinn is asking business leaders to help him pass legislation that will require harsh cuts for union members and poor families.

Retired state and public university employees will have to kick in for their health insurance under a measure approved by an Illinois House committee. 


A panel of Illinois lawmakers is going against the recommended closure of the state's only super max prison.

Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Kilbride has announced another expansion of the state's experiment with cameras in courtrooms.

Wednesday a House education panel okayed a plan that would change math standards for middle and high school students in Illinois.

The Illinois Senate is considering a measure that would expand the rights of crime victims.

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The group Landmarks Illinois is out with its annual list of the most endangered historic places in the state including a high school in southern Illinois.

Victims of crime could have a broader set of rights under a proposed change to the Illinois Constitution.

A doctor for US Senator Mark Kirk says he is "mentally sharp" four months after he suffered a stroke.

Illinois Auditor General Bill Holland has served for two decades as the state's highest auditing authority.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is out with his plan to reform the state's pension system.