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West Frankfort receives storm damage Sunday night

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Late night storms brought damage to part of Franklin County Sunday night.

Severe storms swept through Southern Illinois Sunday just after 10 taking out the power and causing damage to properties.

West Frankfort Fire Captain Derek Sailliez says most of the damage occurred on the northwest side of town.

“We received right around 60 calls a service for whether it was trees down, trees on houses, power lines involved with the trees being down and then roof, and structural damage to multiple structures in the district.”

Franklin County Emergency Management Agency Director Ryan Buckingham says although there was a lot of damage, no one got hurt.

“We've been conducting damage assessments this morning to homes and businesses and various structures that have been involved at this time, we've seen roofs lifted off, as well as trees that have entered into some homes through the roof when they go on and in one case, a structural was completely collapsed.”

The West Frankfort Police Department and 911 center lost power during the storm.

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