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Vienna Correctional Center Will Save $90,000 A Year With Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Things are looking brighter at Vienna Correctional Center.

Over the last 18 months the maintenance staff have been replacing lighting fixtures with high efficiency LED lights and improved their HVAC units.

Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Manager Ken Woolcutt says the upgrades were recommendations through Ameren’s Large Facilities Retro Commissioning Program.

“We go through the facility and point out things they can improve upon to save energy.”

Vienna Correctional Center
Credit Benjy Jeffords / WSIU
Vienna Correctional Center

Ameren estimates Vienna Correctional Center will cut its energy use down by 1 million kilowatt hours a year, that’s equivalent of 1,000 homes.

Warden Matt Swalls says these upgrades will improve more than the lighting.

“It helps us to see better and it’s a safer environment for staff as well when they’re walking around in the evening hours.”

Warden Swalls says the facility was built in the late 60’s and these upgrades will save them around $90,000 a year and promote other improvements.

“It will benefit us because its money that we can save and use on other projects that come along through the years.”

LED Wall Pack Light
Benjy Jeffords
LED Wall Pack Light

The facility replaced over 200 wall packs and 8 high mast lights with the upgrade.

Ameren also offers energy efficiency programs for residents, small and large businesses.

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