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Annual IDOT Survey Seeks Opinions On State Transportation

Credit IDOT

The Illinois Department of Transportation wants feedback from drivers.

I-DOT is conducting its annual Illinois Traveler Opinion Survey through December 31st.  Spokesman Guy Tridgell said it’s meant to broadly determine what the public thinks about the state’s transportation system.

"The topics ranging from commuting habits, driving behaviors, feedback on our website, if people do like passenger rail use and want to see it expanded, transit usage," he said.  "So there’s a whole host of topics and questions that are asked that I think just apply to the average person."

The survey helps guide IDOT toward what improvements they can make.

“It’s also a good barometer for us to see which of our safety campaigns are resonating with the public, what messaging is having an effect on people," Tridgell said. "We can see the changes over time for certain areas, be it impaired driving or buckling up or distracted driving.”

Results from a previous survey also helped guide IDOT into making their website and traffic resources more mobile-friendly.

IDOT has a link to the survey on their website, and you can take it through the end of the year.

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