WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with leaders of Illinois' Anti-Harassment, Equality, and Access Panel - State Comptroller Susana Mendoza, State Representative Carol Ammons, and State Senator Melinda Bush. 

Illinois Public Radio

A panel is traveling across Illinois to hear about what it's like to be a female in politics.

The  Anti-Harassment, Equality and Access Panel is hosting listening sessions to hear about sexual harassment in the political workplace.

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Liz Hunter and Annette Jaymes of the Women United Network about their upcoming "Southern Illinois March To The Polls."

A website that popped up this month asks a question as its URL: arethereanywomenrunningforilgovernor.com. It then very simply answers it with a bright red "NO." A group of professional women in the state are behind the effort to draw attention to the issue.

Some girls at Rock Island High School say they're tired of reading male-dominated history and literature, so they've started a club that will offer more.

Illinois is again at the center of a national movement involving the Equal Rights Amendment, 35 years after the state failed to ratify it.

Reading Baseball's Pete Peterson celebrates Women's History Month by highlighting sportswriter Claire Smith.

1st Annual Women's Leadership Conference

Sep 25, 2014


SIU hosted the first annual Women's Leadership Conference in Carbondale.


The 28th Annual Southern Illinois Women's Health Conference takes place on September 20th at John A. Logan College in Carterville.

WSIU's Jeff Williams talks with conference media chair Suzanne Scott about this year's event.

Registration deadline for the conference is September 12th.  More information is available on the Women for Health and Wellness website.

The 26th Annual Southern Illinois Women's Health Conference is coming up next month. In this Morning Conversation, WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with Women For Health And Wellness Executive Director Fran Becque about the planned sessions and benefits of attending.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with Women's Intersport Network of Southern Illinois leaders Bobbi Knapp and Jen Sewell, along with Crossfit Southern Illinois' Kristen King about the upcoming WIN for Life event in Carbondale, as well as a sports equipment drive for area park districts.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with SIU Sports Sociologist Bobbi Knapp and Assistant Softball Coach Jen Sewell about the upcoming screening of "Strong!" and the discussion planned along with it. They discuss gender issues, self confidence, social identities and more.

For more information on the Community Cinema Screening, click HERE.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller commemorates International Women's Day by interviewing Professor Carolyn Byerly of Howard University about her research on women in the media.