Wild Turkeys

Illinois hunters harvested more than 15-thousand wild turkeys during the spring season, up from nearly 13-thousand-500 last year.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources announced the totals Tuesday. The preliminary statewide total includes nearly 14-hundred birds harvested during the 2019 youth turkey season.

Rob Kanter

With all of the Thanksgiving press devoted to domesticated turkeys—how many we’re going to eat next week, how best to cook them, etcetera—you probably weren’t aware of this fact, but we’re living in the age of the wild turkey. That’s according to Patrick Hubert, who was formerly a wildlife ecologist at the Illinois Natural History Survey, and who I spoke with on this topic some years back. In his words, “It is a good time to be alive if you are a turkey, turkey hunter, or turkey biologist in Illinois.”

This has not always been the case.