New Missouri Study to Map Tick Populations, Tick-Borne Illnesses

19 hours ago
Missouri News Connection

When it comes to ticks, Missouri's not too hot, not too cold, very humid and has lots of wildlife - which means lots of potential hosts for disease-carrying pests.


Last summer, an Illinois resident tested positive for a rare tick-born virus.

The Heartland Virus has been confirmed in a sampling of ticks from Kankakee County...where one person contracted the virus last year. Public health's Samantha Debosick  says it's transmitted through the bite of an infected Lone Star Tick.

Ticks, And How Are They Adapting?

Mar 21, 2019
Courtesy of the Illinois Department of Public Health.

With Spring arriving and many of us getting outside, ticks will no doubt be doing the same thing.

On this edition of WSIU INFOCUS, we visit with some tick experts to learn more about this amazing

creature, which has survived on the earth a long time.

A first-of-its kind study is being done to track ticks in Illinois. Researchers want to know where certain illness-carrying types are most prevalent.