Southern Seven Health Department

World Health Organization

The Southern Seven Health Department will be providing free tetanus shots to Alexander county flood victims and volunteers.

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

Southern Seven Health Department tryied to help those sandbagging in Alexander County stay hydrated during this intense heat.

The organization held a water and sports drink donation drive in Anna Friday dubbed Flood the Bus. Donations collected on pickup trucks and Southern Seven's head start bus were taken to McClure.


Alexander County officials are begging for sandbaggers to help residents fend off spreading seep water.

Lots of water and other hydrating drinks are needed to help volunteers battle the heat.

A mosquito sample from Union County tested positive for West Nile virus.

The Southern Seven Health Department reports the sample was collected July 17th.

In southern Illinois most of the landscape is perfect for farming.

In the summer, a lot of the roads look like hallways with corn for walls.

But even surrounded by all of this fresh healthy food, some towns that are surrounded by these fields don’t have access to those fresh foods.