Southern Illinois Immigrant Rights Project

A barbed wire fence against the sky.
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The Southern Illinois Immigrant Rights Project is holding a protest at the Pulaski County Jail this Saturday. 

Member Michelle Peek said the protest is meant to speak out against the conditions in immigrant detention facilities. She said the group has had reports of poor nutrition, poor hygiene and a lack of social distancing in the facility.

“The main goal is to show the people being held that they’ve not been forgotten. That people still care and are still trying to advocate for their rights and freedoms,” Peek said.

Southern Illinois Immigrant Rights Project
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Volunteers with the Southern Illinois Immigrant Rights Project showed their support for El Paso Wednesday.

They’re calling on Congressman Mike Bost to condemn white supremacy rhetoric, policies and trends.

Coming to America in 2018: Would you be Welcome?

Sep 20, 2018
Southern Illinois Immigration Project

Local advocacy groups in Carbondale are presenting an interactive game where participants will experience the setbacks, challenges and costs of legally immigrating to the United States.

Tuesday night, the Jackson County Board shut down a proposed resolution by the Immigrant Rights Project that would welcome immigrants in Southern Illinois.

Jess Jobe is a volunteer with the project and says it was a disappointing evening.

A resolution to make immigrants in Southern Illinois feel welcomed in the community was approved on Tuesday, by the legislative committee of the Jackson County Board.