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Volunteers Needed To Comfort Isolated Seniors

May 25, 2020

Because of the COVID-19 order many homebound seniors are even more isolated.  And, for many,  any mail they get is mostly just bills. 

Poshard Foundation Gives Grants to Local Agencies

Apr 30, 2019
A group of people standing behind a podium.
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The Poshard Foundation gave $100,000 to 29 local agencies serving abused, neglected, and abandoned children. 

Jo Poshard, director of the Foundation, says this is a particularly pressing issue here in Southern Illinois.

"We have at least twenty counties in what I call deep Southern Illinois with child abuse rates that are double, triple, and sometimes even quadruple the state average," she said, citing statistics from the Department of Children and Family Services.

Southern Illinois Nonprofit Symposium Set For Wednesday

Jan 22, 2018

On Wednesday, Illinois Partners for Human Service is kicking off the Southern Illinois Nonprofit Symposium at John A Logan College.

Illinois’ struggling social-service agencies lost another round in court Thursday.

An appellate panel in Chicago says Illinois does not have to pay unless the state has a real budget.

A three-judge panel unanimously rejected all of the human service providers' claims.

Attorneys for social service providers suing Illinois over lack of payment during the budget impasse have presented oral arguments before an appeals court.

The Pay Now Illinois coalition sued last year in Cook County seeking to force the state to honor contracts during the two-year stalemate. But, a Cook County judge dismissed the lawsuit, saying it belonged in a higher court.

A group of social service providers that sued the state over lack of payment are pushing forward with their case. But the coalition has shrunk.

The Pay Now Coalition used to have nearly one hundred members. Now fewer than fifty have signed on to appeal a judge's recent dismissal of their lawsuit.

Almost 100 social service agencies in Illinois were dealt a blow in a Cook County courtroom Wednesday afternoon.

A Cook County judge dismissed their lawsuit against the state of Illinois.

Shawnee Health Services Outreach Event
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As harvest time is in full swing, we take a look at the people performing the hard labor of collecting the produce that ends up in lunch boxes and dinner tables

Farm work is not the easiest job.

Its long hours, extreme weather conditions and physically demanding.

A Cook County judge will hear arguments next month in a lawsuit brought by social service providers over the impact of the yearlong state budget impasse.

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Democratic State Representative Brandon Phelps of Harrisburg and Democrat State Rep. John Bradley of Marion held a press conference in Herrin on Thursday  to hear from social service providers and local educators how the lack of a state budget is affecting the people they serve.  The two downstate lawmakers began the meeting by pointing out that the Governor’s stop-gap budget proposal would be especially hard-hitting to children and the elderly .

The number of social service groups suing Illinois is growing. 

Eighteen agencies are joining a lawsuit against the state to get paid -- since they haven't received 130 million dollars due to the budget impasse. One of the latest groups to sue is notable ... because of who's in charge.

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Volunteers and families involved with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program in southern Illinois learned earlier this spring the initiative would be cut - in part because of the state's budget impasse.

A little is good, but some social service providers say they need state funding - and the certainty - that comes with a full budget for this fiscal year.

Illinois legislators today Thursday approved stopgap funding for human services.

After ten months without state funding … after-school programs, local health departments and substance abuse treatment centers are in critical condition.

Democratic Representative Greg Harris says Senate Bill 2038 would pay social service organizations just under half of what they're owed.

Illinois lawmakers approved $700 million to partially finance various human service programs that haven't received funding since last summer because of the budget stalemate.

Lawmakers' latest bid to mitigate the damage of the budget impasse centers on helping social services.

Court orders have kept money flowing to certain social services, but many others have had to scale back or close after waiting more than ten months for the state to pay their bills. These autism, drug-treatment, and housing programs would get about $700 million under a measure advanced on a bipartisan basis by an Illinois House committee.

The State of Illinois is being sued for not paying some of its social service contractors.

Lawmakers and the governor have not agreed on a budget in 10 months.

The Illinois Senate Wednesday moved swiftly to approve a spending plan the House passed just Tuesday.

It authorizes spending nearly 4 billion dollars on higher education and social services -- two areas that have been caught without funding during a prolonged political fight.

Republicans in the Illinois General Assembly are proposing $1.3 billion in spending to cover human services.

The Illinois House has passed legislation to pay nearly $4 billion for higher education and social services - without the money to back it up.

Due to the ongoing budget standoff, a non-profit organization that provides mental health and substance abuse services in southern Illinois says it's being forced to make some cuts.

Illinois' largest provider of social services Friday announced that the budget stalemate will force it to close programs and let go more than 40 percent of its staff.

Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger's office says it's unable to pay social service agencies as directed by a court order because it can't find the funds.

A new survey shows more than one-third of Illinois human service agencies are helping fewer clients and tapping into cash reserves to weather the state's budget impasse.

Social service agencies that provide support to thousands of people in the Metro East will be operating without state funding starting Wednesday if Illinois lawmakers and Gov. Bruce Rauner can’t reach a budget compromise before the start of the new fiscal year.

Funding for most state programs, including child care subsidies and early intervention for children with developmental disabilities, have yet to be approved.