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NASA is set to launch its first space mission from American soil in nearly a decade — with an astronaut from St. Louis County aboard.

St. Ann native Bob Behnken is part of a two-person crew heading to the International Space Station on the Crew Dragon spacecraft, a joint venture between NASA and the commercial aerospace company SpaceX. 

The historic mission, scheduled to launch Wednesday from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, is also the first time a commercially built U.S. rocket and spacecraft will carry humans to the space station.

Illinois plans on spending $400 million over the next several years to improve internet access to farms and small towns.

But first, the state needs to know who has a reliable internet connection and who doesn’t.

The federal government tracks where high-speed internet is available. But the mapping has been criticized for overstating access, particularly in rural areas. Around 30 percent of residents living in rural Illinois lack internet access at speeds of 25 mbps and above, according to a report from the Federal Communications Commission.


WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with SIUC Geology Professor Liliana Lefticariu about her upcoming Science Cafe at the Science Center of Southern Illinois, focusing on the Apollo Space Program, and the future of space exploration.

Net neutrality suffered a significant blow on Tuesday as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld the Trump administration's rollback of Obama-era consumer protections.

State of Illinois

Governor J-B Pritzker is launching "Connect Illinois" ...a $420 million program to bring high-speed internet to all parts of the state.

Governor Pritzker says the new broadband advisory council will be planning the broadband expansion ...focusing on three areas: education, economic development and telemedicine.

A communications company that serves several communities in southern Illinois is trying to expand educational opportunities for low-income families.

Two years ago, Mediacom launched a product called Connect 2 Compete. It's designed to make home internet service affordable for families with students in grades K through 12.


An arsenal of new technology is being put to the test fighting floods this year as rivers inundate towns and farm fields across the central United States.

Drones, supercomputers and sonar that scans deep under water are helping to maintain flood control projects, and predicting just where rivers will roar out of their banks.

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Rosanne Szekely of SIUC's Radiologic Sciences program about her upcoming Science Cafe, focusing on X-Ray screeners and other security scans.


WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with SIUC Zoology's Andy Anderson and SIUC Plant Biology's Kurt Neubig about Darwin Week 2019.


The support group for the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site has been awarded a $100,000 grant for digital projects from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The holiday shopping season is upon us and shifts in the retail sector are becoming more evident.  

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with SIUC Professor Keith Gagnon about his upcoming Science Cafe - "Back to the Future: From Understanding to Engineering the Human Genome."

Provided by NASA

As technology quickly evolves, maker spaces facilitate a spot for people of all ages to come together and tinker with different technology to create something new and original. Amelia Blakely tells the story of maker spaces inception and effect on STEM education for students.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Emeritus SIU Professor John Martinko about his upcoming Science Cafe, focusing on the 1918 Influenza Pandemic.

In 2000, Charles Davidson was arrested the day before the 4th of July for a crime he said he didn’t commit. Urbana Police responded that evening to a complaint of fireworks and came upon Davidson, who claims he made the complaint on behalf of his mother. According to court records, police accused the now 68-year-old youth mentor of providing officers with the false last name of “Edwards.” Davidson said “Edwards” was his mother’s last name, and he simply gave police his first name.

Technology changing access and outcomes in abortion debate

On Friday, July 27th, 2018 Mars and the Earth will be in Opposition to each other.  Exactly what does that mean?  Bob Baer, of the SIU Physics Department tells us.

When was the last time you cleaned out your inbox or scrubbed the apps on your phone that you don't use?

With spring cleaning on the minds of many, tech experts say home computers also need cleaning - that is, the email inbox and hard drive.

By Jamie Foster/Wikipedia

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Bethany Rader of SIUC's Microbiology Department about her upcoming Science Cafe:

22nd Annual Science In The South Conference

Jan 19, 2018

SIU hosted the 22nd annual Science in the South Conference Friday.

Dozens of K-12 educators from around Illinois gathered at the Student Center Friday for the annual Science in the South Conference.

SIU Students Unveil Eclipse Film

Nov 30, 2017
Marcia Kuhlman and Malea Bailey.

On Friday December 1st, 2017, on the SIU Campus,  the public can relive the recent eclipse experience  thanks to a film produced by two SIU Students.

WSIU's Brad Palmer talks with world renowned eclipse chaser Kate Russo about her fascination with eclipses and how her interviews with eclipse viewers help her gather data for books and lectures.

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Kathy Pericak-Spector about SIU's Expanding Your Horizons conference for 2017:

The search for signs of life on planets, moons and other celestial bodies in our solar system is one of NASA's top objectives. That effort has the agency focusing intently on one of Earth's neighbors. Illinois Public Radio's Jason Parrott reports.


WSIU's Brad Palmer sat down with Roberto Barrios, an associate professor of anthropology at SIU-C and co-chair of the Risk and Disasters Topical Interest Group in the Society for Applied Anthropology. He is an expert in post-disaster reconstruction and conducted field research in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

Hundreds turned out at the Perryville Regional Airport to view the total solar eclipse.

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

The eclipse celebration kicked off this past weekend in Perryville, Missouri with Solar Fest.

One of the highlights was Saturday’s unveiling of a sundial on the courthouse square.


The Illinois State Police is urging motorists to be prepared for Monday's eclipse.

For starters... Trooper Joey Watson says you need to plan on a lot of traffic in southern Illinois...especially on Interstate 57, Highway 51 and Route 13.

Mediacom customers in southern Illinois can now get the same product - at a faster speed.

They're offering 1 gigabyte speed, that's 40 times the speed required by the Federal Communications Commission.

The Public Must Prepare for the Eclipse

Aug 1, 2017

Locals know the total solar eclipse is later this month on the 21st.

Businesses and first responders have been preparing for months. But Rick Linton, Executive Director of Rend Lake Area Tourism says the people in the area need to prepare too.