WSIU/Kevin Boucher

In just over five weeks, the 100th Illinois General Assembly is scheduled adjourn and many educators are hoping that  House Bill 2808 will become passed.  The bill  seeks to change the state's 20 year old funding system for public schools.  Currently, local property taxes fund school districts.  Which means that wealthier districts can spend more money per student than less wealthy districts.  House Bill 2808 seeks to drastically alter the funding model by incorporating a new Evidence Based Model which looks at each individual school district's particular  needs to determine how much state

Back to School

The end of summer is here, and parents want to send their children back with everything they need.

The school supply lists are out and items are flying off the shelves at local stores.

Back To School, and Routines are Changing

Aug 19, 2015

Now that schools are back in session, there will be more drivers, and school buses on the road.  As a result of this  our daily "To-Do" list should also include being more aware of distractions on the road.  WSIU's Kevin Boucher talks with Matt Donkin, Regional Superintendent for the Regional Office of Education #21 which includes Franklin, Johnson,  Massac and Williamson Counties.