SIU School of Medicine

Alzheimer's affects more than five million Americans, but the disease is still a mystery to scientists and doctors. Some patients and caregivers are hoping to help change that by joining clinical trials.

Bob Scott is a patient at the Alzheimer’s Center at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. His wife, Janet, is his caregiver, and is helping Bob as he takes part in a clinical trial for a new drug.

The Crucial Partnership Between Farm and Laboratory

Aug 26, 2019
Kevin Boucher

With many people attending the annual Agriculture Day at the DuQuoin State Fair, WSIU Radio will now  hear from experts about the importance of farming, and, especially of the important link between farmers, and scientists.

In a special investigation, State Journal-Register reporter Dean Olsen looks into problems with a herpes vaccine research study. The study was headed by William Halford, who has since died.

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with SIUC Aviation Technology Associate Professor Karen Johnson about the upcoming College of Applied Science and Arts Research Symposium.

SIU Office of Information Technology

SIU President Randy Dunn says Paul Sarvela’s first few weeks as Chancellor on the Carbondale campus have brought changes to research funding – something he says was needed.

Jennifer Fuller

As federal and state funding sources grow scarce, an SIU researcher is hoping crowdfunding may help bridge the gap.