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Don Monty is officially Carbondale's acting mayor.

State of Illinois

Governor Pat Quinn says raising Illinois' minimum wage is about dignity and decency.

The Republican Gubernatorial candidates agree pensions, Medicaid and education funding need reform. But the candidates spent a good amount of time selling their ability to win November.

An Illinois lawmaker has introduced legislation that'd make it illegal to smoke in a car while a child is present.

WSIU Public Broadcasting, in partnership with WILL/Illinois Public Media, WUIS Public Radio Springfield, and the League of Women Voters of Illinois, will host Illinois Gubernatorial Primary GOP Candidates 2014, a live debate between Republican candidates for Governor of Illinois.

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Republican candidate for governor Bill Brady brought his campaign to southern Illinois Wednesday.

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Republican candidate for Governor Bruce Rauner is on a campaign bus tour through southern Illinois this week.

State of Illinois

Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford earned $114,145 and paid slightly more than $18,000 in state and federal taxes in 2012.

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A southern Illinois state senator is endorsing Bill Brady’s bid for the Republican nomination for Governor.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says he wants to raise Illinois' minimum wage to at least $10 by Christmas of next year.

Franklin-Williamson Regional Superintendent of Schools Matt Donkin says he will run for election in the newly expanded district.

Quad City Times

Four months before the primary election, local business owners in the Quad Cities got to ask the Republican candidates running for Illinois governor about jobs, the economy, state finances, and pension reform.

State Senator Bill Brady will be the first Republican listed on next spring's Illinois primary ballot for governor.

Illinois State Capitol
Illinois Public Radio

The leaders of Illinois' General Assembly are making last-minute pleas to their members to vote for a potentially historic pension measure.  But unions that say the package is unconstitutional are doing the same thing.

Illinois lawmakers have adjourned without approving bills proposing tax incentives for Archer Daniels Midland Company, chemical distributor Univar and newly-merged OfficeMax and Office Depot.      

Southern Illinois University and the state's other public universities have come out in opposition to the state's proposed pension  reform plan.

Governor Pat Quinn has been surpassed as the nation's least-liked governor.

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

Southern Illinois Congressman Bill Enyart is seeking reelection.

The Illinois House will convene for a special session next week on the state's roughly $100 billion pension crisis.


Campaign season in Illinois got underway Monday as hundreds of candidates lined up to file nominating petitions for the 2014 election.        

Leaders of the Illinois Legislature say they're making progress negotiating a plan to deal with the state's $100 billion pension crisis.

A new bill in the Illinois House is aimed at public sector employees who "double dip" on pensions.

John A Logan College

Former Jackson County Sheriff Bill Kilquist is scheduled to announce his candidacy for State Representative on the Democratic ticket in southern Illinois' 115th District.


Green Party Candidate Paula Bradshaw is scheduled to announce her candidacy for US Congress.

The Carbondale resident ran unsuccessfully for the 12th District seat last year against Democrat Bill Enyart and Republican Jason Plummer.  Enyart won the seat.

Bradshaw plans to announce her candidacy on Tuesday with campaign stops in Carbondale and Belleville.  Her announcement in Carbondale is scheduled for 10:00 am at the Varsity Theater followed by a similar announcement at the St Clair County Courthouse at 2:00 pm.

Governor Pat Quinn has selected former Chicago schools CEO and 2002 gubernatorial candidate Paul Vallas as his running mate in 2014.  Quinn announced Vallas as his pick in an email Friday.

Vallas is currently the Superintendent of Schools in Bridgeport, Connecticut where he is fighting to keep his job.  The Connecticut Supreme court is expected to rule on whether or not Vallas is qualified to be a superintendent under Connecticut law. He remains on the job pending the appeal.

Talks are expected this week to find a middle ground on a gun bill that would send offenders to jail for three years if they commit a crime with a gun in Illinois.

Chicago Tribune

Supporters of same-sex marriage renewed their fight Tuesday during a rally at the Illinois Capitol.

A budget director for Governor Pat Quinn says if the federal government shutdown proceeds, Illinois employees paid by federal funds could face temporary layoffs as early as Wednesday.

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Two Democratic state representatives are introducing legislation to remove the sales tax Illinois places on gasoline.

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Jackson County Board member Sharon Harris-Johnson will throw her hat in the race for Jackson County Treasurer.