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Former SIU baseball player Derek Shelton just finished his first season as a major league manager.

In this edition of Reading Baseball, Pete Peterson says – unfortunately for him and Shelton – the season went about as he expected…a last place finish for his Pittsburgh Pirates.

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Thursday was supposed to be one of the best days on the calendar for baseball fans, opening day for Major League Baseball.

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down the sports world. It ended spring training a couple of weeks ago and has delayed the start of the regular season.


The recent release of the book  Southern Illinois University at 150 Years: Growth, Accomplishments and Challenges has unintentionally rekindled a look back at when the City of Pittsburgh lost its letter H.

Pittsburgh native and retired SIU professor Pete Peterson has more in this edition of Reading Baseball.

Pete Peterson

Countless baseball fans may attend Major League games and never come close to taking home a baseball.

In his latest edition of Reading Baseball, Pete Peterson tells us about a recent Cubs-Pirates game his family attended in which his young granddaughter went home with an embarrassment of riches.


What's in a name? Pete Peterson has his answer in this latest edition of Reading Baseball.

Major League Baseball took a step last month to reach out to young people with a big league game called the Little League Classic.

In this edition of Reading Baseball, Pete Peterson fondly remembers his days as a youth when going to Forbes Field in Pittsburgh was an all-day adventure.

Reading Baseball: World Series Euphoria

Nov 4, 2016
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The Chicago Cubs ended their World Series championship drought Wednesday with a thrilling Game 7 win over the Cleveland Indians.

In this edition of Reading Baseball, Pete Peterson says he can relate to the elation felt by Cubs fans because over 50 years ago his Pittsburgh Pirates won a thrilling game 7 of their own to capture the World Series title.