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Former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is joining a crowded field attempting to become the state's next attorney general.

The administration of Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner says it wants a judge to decide whether state employees who were improperly hired under former Gov. Pat Quinn should keep union contract job protections.

A new report by a court-appointed watchdog charged with looking into patronage hiring at the Illinois transportation department details how friends and relatives of top Democrats were hired under former Gov. Pat Quinn, even as many had little or no experience.

The Illinois Supreme Court Thursday issued an opinion striking down a law that cut civil juries in half. The law would also have hiked juror pay.

When they passed it during veto session in late 2014, legislators argued that having fewer jurors made the higher pay affordable.

That, they said, was good for justice: People may be more willing to serve if they got paid $25 versus as little as $4.

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As the Illinois government budget stalemate continues, Democrats are thinking about who might challenge Governor Bruce Rauner … in 2018.

If former Gov. Pat Quinn is looking for a rematch with Gov. Bruce Rauner in 2018, history isn't on his side.

Politico reports Quinn is trying to gain behind-the-scenes support to run for governor again, arguing the current budget impasse shows he was right to advocate for a permanent 5 percent income tax rate during the 2014 election.

Illinois has entered its fourth month without a budget, and former governor Pat Quinn says the piecemeal way some services are getting funded is a bad way to govern.

Some of the main architects of the Illinois law that seeks to save the state money by reducing workers' pensions have begun collecting pensions of their own.

On March 11, the Illinois Supreme Court will hear arguments for and against the pension overhaul signed into law late in 2013 by then-Gov. Pat Quinn. If it succeeds, Quinn, like other retired state employees, will see his the size of his future retirement benefits shrink, as the law does away with compounded cost-of-living increases.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is hinting at what's next for him once he leaves office next week.

Governor Pat Quinn wants voters to weigh in on whether Illinois' comptroller and treasurer offices should merge.

Governor Pat Quinn is giving up on his bid for re-election. On Wednesday afternoon, he conceded to Republican Bruce Rauner.

  Most media outlets called the election on Tuesday night. Rauner was up by five percentage points, and declared victory.

Quinn, however, told supporters he wasn’t ready to concede. Some Chicagoans waited into the early morning hours to vote.

Republican investor Bruce Rauner will be the next governor of Illinois — probably. He declared victory over incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn and is up by five percentage points, but the Democrat is refusing to concede.

Rauner made hundreds of millions of dollars as a private equity investor. Lately, though, he’s been investing in himself — spending $27 million of his vast fortune on a quest to become governor of Illinois.

The candidates for governor not only disagree on last year’s pension reform law, they disagree on whether the state should have a backup plan ready in case it’s declared unconstitutional.

Lying was a common accusation in the second debate of the governor’s race.

Amid signals that Illinois' pension overhaul could be found unconstitutional, Gov. Pat Quinn argued Friday that it makes no sense to develop a contingency plan.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, in a filing late Monday in federal court, contends a court appointed monitor is not necessary to ensure compliance with political hiring bans as suggested by an anti-patronage attorney.

There's a stark contrast between Governor Pat Quinn's and private equity investor Bruce Rauner's plans for education in Illinois.

  They no longer had to do it through campaign commercials. Gov. Pat Quinn and his Republican opponent Bruce Rauner faced one another in a joint interview before the Chicago Tribune's Editorial Board Tuesday.

Candidates for Governor and U.S. Senate in Illinois spent time talking about their priorities for agriculture Wednesday, as a part of an Illinois Farm Bureau forum.

Illinois governor Pat Quinn is responding to a recent poll that shows he's lagging in the upcoming election.

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Gov. Pat Quinn's administration has released thousands of emails to a panel of lawmakers investigating his troubled anti-violence program.

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Republican members of a legislative panel probing Gov. Pat Quinn's troubled anti-violence program say they'll continue with proceedings next week even after a U.S. Department of Justice request to hold off.

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Gov. Pat Quinn has used his line-item veto power to make minor cuts to a $35.7 billion state budget plan he has called ``incomplete.''

Gov. Pat Quinn says he is not going to testify before the commission examining the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative.

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Republican candidate for governor Bruce Rauner says Illinois should end certain corporate tax breaks he says are unfair to working families.

Voters will get to weigh in on whether Illinois should raise its minimum wage for adults to 10 dollars an hour. Governor Pat Quinn approved the ballot question Sunday, and wasted no time campaigning on the issue.

Police traffic-ticket quotas are now illegal in Illinois. Over the weekend, the governor signed a law prohibiting the practice.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says he welcomes a review of all VA medical centers in the state.

Governor Pat Quinn has asked a federal court to dismiss a Chicago attorney's challenge to state hiring.

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Governor Pat Quinn made an unusual appeal to House Democrats Monday, appearing at a meeting of the entire caucus. Quinn was asking lawmakers to make the 2011 income tax increase permanent.