WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Interim SIUC Chancellor John Dunn about the upcoming 2019 Fall Semester, new Nursing Program, and more.

The Illinois Board of Higher Education has approved a new nursing program for SIU's Carbondale campus.

How Many Patients Should a Nurse Care For?

May 17, 2019
A nurse caring for a baby in an incubator
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Several Illinois lawmakers want to improve patient outcomes through legislation that would limit the number of people nurses can care for at any given time

The Illinois Nursing Association said the bill will improve results for both  patients and nurses who are overworked.

Alice Johnson, the executive director for INA, said that the more patients nurses have, the less likely they are to catch mistakes, and the risks for patients experiencing complications increases.

“The body of evidence shows that safe patient-nurse ratios is better for patients,” she said.

Illinois Nurses Call For Safe Patient Limits

Mar 7, 2019

Illinois nurses are calling on state lawmakers to restrict the number of patients under their care.

A proposal for a new nursing program at SIU Carbondale illustrated continued friction within the system Wednesday.

SIH Offers Support For Nursing Program At SIU-C

Sep 12, 2018
One person takes the blood pressure of another.
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SIH has announced it supports efforts to begin a 4–year nursing program at SIU–Carbondale

There is currently a nationwide shortage of nurses, especially those with four–year degrees. SIH President and CEO Rex Budde says the program would also benefit Southern Illinois residents who want to further their nursing education.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner's administration says it plans to lay off state prison nurses to "streamline" medical services and coordinate them with the current health care vendor.

Many Illinois nurses are nearing retirement. Baby Boomers in the state are also aging and may need more care. Will there be enough nurses to meet the demand?

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Southern Illinois Healthcare nurses will soon have the opportunity to further their education, through a partnership with McKendree University.