Murphysboro Schools

A meeting with the federal mediator Thursday night did not produce an agreement in the contract talks between the Murphysboro Board of Education and the teacher's union.

On its Facebook page, the school administration said it made a new offer in an effort to avoid a potential teacher's strike.

Carruthers Elementary School

On its Facebook page Wednesday, Murphysboro School District 186 says it sent a letter home to parents to answer some questions regarding a possible teacher's strike.

The Board of Education says it does not want a strike, and doesn't think one is necessary. But, if it happens, the Board will try to do what it can to minimize the disruption and inconvenience.

The negotiating team with the Murphysboro Board of Education is stressing it does not want a teacher's strike after Monday night's mediation session.

The Board team wants all board members to be fully informed of the offers and the financial and educational consequences.

The Murphysboro Board of Education and the Murphysboro Education Association are currently in mediation in hopes of avoiding a teacher's strike.

MEA lead negotiator Catlin Langellier says the district has lost more than dozen teachers in the past two years.

Another school district's teachers are taking the first steps towards a strike according to an Illinois Education Association new release.

This is the second year the Murphysboro Education Association has talked about a potential strike.
Last year a contract was agreed on the night before the strike would be authorized.


Teachers in the Murphysboro School District have a new contract.

The Board of Education Tuesday night ratified the new deal. The teachers did the same last week.


Teachers in the Murphysboro School District said yes Wednesday to a new one-year contract agreement with the administration.

Murphysboro Education Association spokesperson Melinda Pierson says the new deal includes a pay increase and some help from the district in offsetting the teachers' health insurance costs.