Mike Madigan

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan has won another term as chair of the state Democratic Party - which works to elect Democrats to office.

Madigan says he's encouraged by the support he's getting from the party's committee members - even after one member voted against him.

Powerful Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan says he has no plans to resign.

That’s after a campaign worker accused him of not acting quickly when she revealed sexual harassment by a top Madigan aide.

A longtime political aide to one of Illinois’ most powerful politicians - House Speaker Michael Madigan - has been fired for sending a woman inappropriate text messages.

A lawyer for Madigan’s political operation declined to name the woman, but said she’s a political consultant.

A Republican lawmaker is challenging Gov. Bruce Rauner over a claim that the Democratic House speaker influenced the cancellation of a $12.5 million no-bid contract the administration signed.

Illinois' two-year budget impasse is over.

The Illinois House Thursday afternoon overrode Governor Bruce Rauner's veto ... giving final approval to a spending plan and tax increase. From the Statehouse, Brian Mackey reports.

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan says Democrats are finalizing a proposed state budget plan and could present it to minority Republicans as soon as Tuesday.

The Democratic speaker of the Illinois House has appointed envoys to find areas of compromise on a state budget deal with Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner.

Speaker Michael Madigan said Monday that Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie of Chicago is one of four House Democrats who will seek common ground with the GOP administration on the state's first full budget since 2015.

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan says Gov. Bruce Rauner is making “false statements” about the speaker’s position on selling a state building in Chicago.

On Tuesday, Rauner repeatedly declined opportunities to refute Madigan’s allegations.

Gov. Rauner and Legislative Leaders Meet

Nov 15, 2016
Chicago Magazine

For the first time since summer ... Governor Bruce Rauner and the legislature's four top leaders got together Tuesday. 

The Girl on the Train. Suicide Squad. Bridget Jones's Baby.  

These are the movies showing now at a theater near you.

Throughout October, a handful of theaters are taking one night each to screen a smaller-budget film with much narrower appeal, starring Michael Madigan. Amanda Vinicky went to a screening last week at the Legacy Theater in Springfield.

(This post has been updated to reflect that a parody of the film is back online)

Illinois Issues: Mike Madigan and the "Party of Economic Opportunity"

Sep 9, 2016
Illinois Issues

This week, we’re revisiting an Illinois Issues interview with House Speaker Michael Madigan — from 1988.

Chicago Tribune

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan's failed primary opponent is suing over what he says amounts to defamation.

Leading up to the March primary, Madigan made a campaign issue of Jason Gonzales's past criminal record -- crimes for which Gonzales had been pardoned.

Gonzales says in his federal complaint the ads caused emotional distress.

On the final day of the fiscal year Thursday ... Illinois lawmakers have passed a temporary budget and sent it to Governor Rauner.

For the second time in 20-16 ... Governor Bruce Rauner met with the General Assembly's four top leaders.

By the end of next week, Illinois will have gone a full nine months without a budget. And yet, the state's top politicians still aren't talking. The governor and the four legislative leaders went all of June through November without meeting, before finally getting together a couple of times just before the end of 2015. They didn't continue into the new year.

Nine months into a stalemate that's left Illinois without a budget ... Governor Bruce Rauner Tuesday let loose on House Speaker Michael Madigan.

State senators are meeting in Springfield this week.  But members of the Illinois House? They're not scheduled to return to the Capitol until April.

Illinois lawmakers are beginning to craft a new state budget even though there still isn't one eight months into this fiscal year. There's no precedent for handling this murky situation. It go go any number of ways.

Reboot Illinois

Governor Bruce Rauner and the legislative leaders went half a year without all getting together.
Thursday they met, for the third time in as many weeks. But a major player was missing. 

Reboot Illinois

Gov. Bruce Rauner and legislative leaders are scheduled to meet Tuesday in a highly publicized and partially public budget summit.

Illinois has gone four and a half months without a budget. It's gone even longer -- five and a half months -- since the governor and leaders of the legislature have all gotten together to talk about it; the last time that happened was at the end of May. They're scheduled to finally come together next week, on Wed., Nov. 18 But the meeting's particulars have themselves become a subject of controversy.

A long-awaited meeting between Governor Bruce Rauner and legislative leaders to discuss Illinois' budget impasse could materialize next month.

Many Chicago residents recently received a piece of mail criticizing their state legislator. That's a routine part of politics, but these flyers are getting special attention from one of Illinois' top politicians.

As Chair of the Democratic Party of Illinois, House Speaker Michael Madigan's organization frequently sends campaign brochures attacking Republicans. This time -- it's Madigan, and his fellow Democrats, who are the targets.

Illinois State Capitol
Illinois Public Radio

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan's effort to impose a new income tax on millionaires has stalled, but lawmakers may soon see proposals from Gov. Bruce Rauner regarding his "Turnaround Agenda."

It has been two years or so since 26 people -- most of them young children -- died in a massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. The shooter was 20-year-old Adam Lanza.

A report studying him was released late last year by Connecticut's child advocate office; it shows problems identifying and treating his mental illness.

"There were several missed opportunities to help Lanza," said longtime Speaker of the Illinois House Michael Madigan on the opening day of the new General Assembly.

Madigan: Pensions Will Wait

Sep 4, 2012

It’s increasingly likely legislators will wait until next year to deal with one of the biggest issues facing organized labor in Illinois - the state’s pension crisis.

It has been long assumed lawmakers would put off trying to cut state employees’ and teacher pensions until after the election.

To make powerful voting blocs like teachers’ and state employees’ unions … angry before an election wouldn’t be in politicians’ best interest.