Mike Frerichs

Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs has been selected to  Chair  the College Savings Plans Network.

Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs says more than 32,000 people are now participating in the state’s “Secure Choice” retirement savings program.

Frerichs says Secure Choice is wrapping up its first year and is designed for workers that don’t have access to a retirement program.

The State of Illinois' retirement program for those who don't have employer based savings options is off and running.

State Treasurer Mike Frerichs says since the Secure Choice Retirement Savings program launched last fall, the response from businesses has been encouraging.
"We found some initial skepticism by some employers. But, when they discover it doesn't cost them anything, they suffer know legal liability and it makes their employees happier, we've just seen a lot of support and great partnership from our employers."


J-B Pritzker is officially the 43rd governor of Illinois.

Pritzker’s inaugural address recounted several of his campaign pledges: legalizing recreational cannabis, rebuilding roads and bridges, and changing the state’s tax system so higher income levels are taxed at higher rates.

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Illinois will soon mint commemorative coins to mark the state’s 200th birthday. Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs unveiled the final design Monday in Springfield.

Gov. Bruce Rauner criticized Democrats' call Monday to borrow money to take a chunk out of a $14.4 billion pile of overdue bills.        

Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs is offering some suggestions to help make sure the state avoids junk bond status.

Although Illinois now has a budget, the state's fiscal condition remains on very shaky ground and a rating downgrade could still happen. Treasurer Frerichs says for starters, the governor needs to pay a visit to the bond houses in New York.

Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs says the state loses $2.6 million a month in investment income because of the ongoing state budget impasse.

The head of the Illinois Republican Party says Tom Cross ran a "tough, hard-fought'' race against Democrat Mike Frerichs.

The race for Illinois treasurer could be decided by fewer than 400 votes and lead to the first recount request in three decades.

There are still thousands of votes yet to be counted in the race for Illinois State Treasurer.