Mike Baltz

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In his monthly original nature commentary, Ornithologist Dr. Mike Baltz explores the possibility that  COVID-19 is having an impact on how we look at nature.

Commentary: Dr. Mike Baltz, And Lessons From The Lorax

Apr 13, 2020

On this edition, Ornithologist Dr. Mike Baltz brings back the LORAX, and how this mythical Dr. Seuss character can be relevant today.

Mike Baltz Commentary: The Legacy of John Muir

Mar 9, 2020
WSIU Kevin Boucher

An original commentary, written and voiced by Ornithologist Dr. Mike Baltz.

Wildlife Illinois Dot Org

The unique-to-Illinois-looking Nine Banded Armadillo is moving through Illinois.  The animal is related to sloths and anteaters.

WSIU/Kevin Boucher

Ornithologist Dr. Mike Baltz delivers his final commentary on birds as we celebrate 2018, The Year Of The Bird.