Michael Madigan

The new Illinois House of Representatives was sworn in Wednesday at a ceremony in Springfield, and longtime Speaker of the House Michael Madigan was elected to his 18th term in that post. But, one of the 74 newly sworn-in Democrats did not vote for Madigan.

House Democrats will take another look at a Senate-approved spending plan next week as a way to end a two-year budget stalemate.

Illinois House Democrats say they will not vote on a state budget on the last scheduled day of the spring legislative session.

Governor Bruce Rauner is accusing three of Illinois’ top Democrats of “coordinating” to shut down state government. All three deny the charge.

Bruce Rauner says an undisclosed third party tried to help strike a budget deal between the Illinois governor and his main political rival - House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Anti-Madigan effort fails to sway House members in speaker election.

After calling for daily meetings with Illinois' top leaders ... Governor Bruce Rauner called off one that had been scheduled for Thursday.

In a statement ... his office said Democrats were unprepared for the next steps in budget talks.
Thursday, the Republican took that message to voters, with a video on social media.

Illinois legislative leaders have made little headway in the latest weekend meeting at Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner's offices on a budget deal as Democrats broached the issue of how President-elect Donald Trump's policy's might alter some Illinois' financial calculations.

While leading Democrats were in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention last week … Republican Governor Bruce Rauner was holding press conferences exalting term limits.

 As Chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois, House Speaker Michael Madigan ran the show for Illinois’ delegation last week at the Democratic National Convention.

Madigan took some time before the convention wrapped up to sit down in Philadelphia with Illinois Public Radio Statehouse Bureau Chief Amanda Vinicky and WBBM radio's Craig Dellimore.


The republican candidate in the 117th district Illinois House race says his opponent in November is too loyal to Speaker of the House Michael Madigan.
Dave Severin is calling on 117th district representative John Bradley and all of his colleagues in the House to take a pledge to fire the longtime Speaker.

Chicago Tribune

The Illinois House was supposed to be back in Springfield Wednesday. Not anymore.

It's been a year since the state Supreme Court found Illinois' big pension law unconstitutional, and an attempt to get a new law passed is stalled.

Lawmakers' goal is to reduce the state's expenses for its vastly underfunded pensions.

The court says it's illegal to do it by reducing an employees' retirement benefits.

Senate President John Cullerton and Governor Bruce Rauner think they have a way around that.

An attempt to add a surtax on Illinois millionaires failed in the Illinois House. 

House Speaker and Democrat Michael Madigan has backed the idea that would raise more money for schools.

A year ago, Illinois' income tax rate fell by 25-percent. The top Democrat in the Illinois House is suggesting it go back up.

With Illinois in its sixth month without a budget, the state's top political leaders met Tuesday in Springfield. It was the first time they'd all gotten together in months. We asked Brian Mackey to tell us whether anything was accomplished.

Governor Bruce Rauner has postponed the November 18th budget summit because a family matter will prevent House Speaker Michael Madigan from attending.

Governor Bruce Rauner is out with his plans for his meeting with the legislature's leaders on Wednesday.
Rauner's office sent his agenda Friday evening... and disclosed that he intends to hold it in his Springfield office.

Gov. Bruce Rauner wants the legislature's help in making two big changes to the state's constitution, but the Illinois House Speaker isn't on board. It's one of various causes of gridlock at the state capitol.

Negotiations on a full year's budget appear to remain far apart ... but it's up to Governor Bruce Rauner whether Illinois will make due with a downsized version for July. 

The state's most powerful Democrat says the Illinois House will approve a temporary budget to ensure continued services as a new fiscal year starts Wednesday without a spending agreement.

Illinois Democrats have begun to unveil their new state spending plan, which looks a lot like the current one. That's despite Illinois having billions of dollars less, thanks to a rollback of the income tax rate in January. Even before the details were made public, Gov. Bruce Rauner's office was out with a statement tearing into the proposal, and its architect, House Speaker Michael Madigan.


Illinois' longtime House speaker has renewed a push to tax the state's millionaires to boost funding for schools.

Illinois' new governor and legislative leaders are figuring out how to deal with shortfalls in this year's budget.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says his budget is a responsible path after years of ``financial recklessness.''

Illinois State Capitol
Illinois Public Radio

Illinois lawmakers return to the Capitol Monday, with just two weeks remaining until they're scheduled to adjourn for the summer. All eyes are on House Democrats, who seem to be the key holdup in coming to an agreement on the state budget.

Democratic leaders all say Illinois ought to make 2011's temporary tax hike a permanent one. They say letting the tax roll back as scheduled for the end of the year would bring drastic cuts in state spending.


House Speaker Michael Madigan is proposing cutting Illinois' corporate income tax rate in half in an effort to improve the state's business climate.

Illinois House members say Senate President John Cullerton's pension-reform proposal saves at most only 60 percent of what the Chicago Democrat predicts.

The Illinois Senate is pursuing its own legislation to overhaul the state's underfunded pension systems. That puts it at odds with the Illinois House, which last week passed a significantly different plan.