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The head of the Illinois State Rifle Association said it's likely Congress will take some action to restrict gun access in the wake of 

Trump on shootings: The president is speaking from the White House about the mass shootings that took place over the weekend in Ohio in Texas. Watch his remarks live.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The pain and sadness of the October mass shooting of Jewish worshippers at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh is still affecting the Steel City.

In this special commentary, WSIU Radio contributor and Pittsburgh native Pete Peterson offers his thoughts on what it was like to grow up there and watch this tragedy play out in his hometown.

Richard "Pete" Peterson is the author of Growing Up With Clemente, a memoir of his early life in Pittsburgh.

A state lawmaker wants to give Illinois police officers more power to take away guns from someone who might be dangerous.

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

Schools aren't the only institutions concerned about mass shootings.

Many churches and businesses are offering employees and volunteers active shooter training.