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A Conversation On Doctors in Rural Illinois In the 1940s

Dec 27, 2019

Harold Bardo grew up in Sparta, Illinois. He later moved to Carbondale working at SIU in several different roles. In March, StoryCorps came to Carbondale to speak with Southern Illinoisans about their lives.

Harold and his wife Lana, talked about growing up in rural Illinois as African-Americans in a time when segregation still ruled much of America.

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Rachel Keener first began using opioids as a teenager. As an adult she was being treated with subutex when she became pregnant.

In March of 2019 StoryCorps visited Carbondale to record interviews with Southern Illinois. Rachel sat down with her doctor, Jeff Ripperda with Shawnee Health Service to talk about her fears and experience giving birth while undergoing medication assisted treatment for opioid use. 

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WSIU's  "The Listening Project" chronicles the history of our region by connecting people with place through their stories.

A visit with Dr. Glenn Poshard, who visited with WSIU in late March of 2019 at the Southern Illinois Wellness Expo in Carterville.

Pearl Franz/WSIU

On Saturday, May 21st 2016 WSIU's Listening Project recorded oral histories from Benton residents at the 100th Anniversary Celebration  at the Benton Public Library.  In this episode we hear the story of German-born Margot McAfoos who moved to Benton from Germany in 1948 to marry her soon-to-be-husband John.