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With Illinois in its sixth month without a budget, the state's top political leaders met Tuesday in Springfield. It was the first time they'd all gotten together in months. We asked Brian Mackey to tell us whether anything was accomplished.

The University of Chicago is canceling all classes and other events on its main campus Monday over online threats of gun violence.

FBI counterterrorism officials alerted the school on Sunday, the university said in a statement. They warned of online threats from an "unknown individual" that specifically mentioned a location, the campus quad, and a time, 10 a.m.

Five and a half months into Illinois' budget impasse, and a pair of potential budget frameworks have been made public.

Bruce Rauner
Brian Mackey/IL Public Radio

Gov. Bruce Rauner says the state of Illinois will temporarily stop accepting new Syrian refugees in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe is stepping down.  Wolf's decision follows a special meeting of the system's governing board Monday.  Wolfe says he hopes the school community uses his resignation as a way to ``move forward together.''

A year ago Thursday ... then Governor Pat Quinn conceded his race for re-election to Republican Bruce Rauner. 

Voters once again sent Democratic legislators back to Springfield with supermajorities.  The divided government has led to unprecedented gridlock.

The Illinois Supreme Court has once again ruled in favor of tobacco giant Philip Morris. The decision, announced Wednesday, saves the company from a $10.1 billion judgment. 

The case has been before the court off and on for more than a decade. A group of smokers say Philip Morris tricked them into thinking “light” cigarettes were safer than regular. 


Former SIU head football coach and current Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill surprisingly announced his immediate retirement from coaching Wednesday.

The 54-year-old Kill, who has beaten kidney cancer and suffers from epilepsy, cited medical reasons for the decision.

The state's budget impasse has dropped Southern Illinois University's credit rating.

Spending controls are tightening at SIU Carbondale, as the school is still without state funding for this fiscal year.

The Moody's credit rating agency has downgraded $26.8 billion in Illinois' general obligation bonds, saying the move was due to the state's weakening financial position during the year.

More than 50 percent of southern Illinois voters disapprove of Gov. Bruce Rauner's job performance, according to a new poll.

SIU's Paul Simon Public Policy Institute polled 400 registered voters in the state's 18 southernmost counties. The results show Rauner's approval rating stands at 37.4%.

It's the 100th day Illinois has been without a budget. The state has without a budget before -- but going this long is unprecedented.

A southern Illinois state senator says he's not sure a budget deal will be reached before the end of this calendar year.

Illinois has surpassed the 90-day mark of going without a budget. The governor on Friday signaled that number will keep rising.

Illinois' budget impasse means public universities have gone three months without any state funding. The State Museum has closed. Therapists that worked with disabled infants quit, because they weren't getting paid. The Secretary of State's office isn't going to mail out reminders about expiring license plate registration, because it can't afford the postage.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner is set to close state museums and a sport-shooting complex to the public because of the budget crisis, even though most staff will still report to work.

Southern Illinois University's President fears the state's budget impasse could spell disaster for higher education in Illinois.

For the first time in three weeks, state representatives will convene in Springfield Thursday.

Not much has changed in those three weeks. There's still no agreement between Democratic legislators and Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner on a state budget.

But representatives are back anyway, and they do have some budget measures on the table.

For one, they're set to discuss Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposal to exempt some middle-class homeowners from paying higher property taxes.

Bruce Rauner
Brian Mackey/IL Public Radio

Gov. Bruce Rauner's office is warning lawmakers that the Republican will veto a $3.8 billion spending bill pending in the Illinois House.

Illinois school districts have a new ally in Gov. Bruce Rauner as they try to eliminate state mandates they say drive up costs at a time when education funding is decreasing.

State-employee labor unions have filed a lawsuit to force Gov. Bruce Rauner's administration to pay medical claims for 146,000 state workers and retirees under self-insurance programs.

In 2013 President Obama hatched a plan. He wanted to call out the colleges where students waste their money.

"We're going to start rating colleges ... on who's offering the best value so that students and taxpayers get a bigger bang for their buck," said Obama.

State employees are worried about how they'll pay for everything from doctors' visits to dental care, after news this week that some insurance claims may go unpaid due to the budget impasse.

The Illinois State Board of Education is releasing preliminary results from the new "PARCC" test, which was developed to assess how much students are learning.

The PARCC test replaces the I-SAT's for grade schoolers and the Prairie State Achievement Exam for 11th graders.

Public employee and retiree health care benefits may be the next casualty of the state budget impasse.

Southern Illinois University President Randy Dunn says the school is facing its own 'fiscal cliff' when it comes to a lack of money from the state.

It's been more than four years since Illinois abolished capital punishment. Now there's another voice to bring it back.

Former Illinois Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon says she wants to go back to Springfield - but this time as a State Senator.

Gov.Bruce Rauner declared victory Wednesday in a key battle against government labor unions and the Democratic Party.

AFSCME and other state employee unions have had a rough time in contract negotiations with the Rauner administration. So they backed legislation that would let an arbitrator decide the contract if the union and governor couldn't come to an agreement.

The governor vetoed that legislation, and Democrats in the House tried — and failed — to override him.

A government labor union says it's “positive” the Illinois House will side with it over Gov. Bruce Rauner. A key vote on on whether to override Rauner's veto of a union-backed bill is expected Wednesday.