Law Enforcement

The Illinois State Police is supporting legislation that would fingerprint applicants for the Firearm Owners Identification card.

Illinois State Police

A Metropolis man is behind bars, accused of being a part of a marijuana distribution operation.

A Carbondale woman was killed after she was hit at least twice while crossing the street over the weekend.

Carbondale Police Dept.

A coach from Paducah's St. Mary's Catholic High School was arrested in Carbondale over the weekend, accused of driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.

A traffic stop in Johnson County Sunday resulted in the seizure of nearly two pounds of Oxycodone pills.

Vandalia is mourning the loss of four people over the weekend - in a car crash following Vandalia High School's football playoff game in Williamsville.

After two fatal shootings in the Carbondale, Police are increasing foot patrols as well as increasing patrols in squad cars.

Rockford’s Nordlof Center played host to a legal clinic recently to help people expunge their criminal records.

Illinois law allows for people under certain conditions to have past offenses expunged, or for their criminal records to be sealed. The Second Chances Summit lets people get free legal assistance with this process, along with educational and career resources.  Illinois State Senator Steve Stadelman said this is the second such summit he’s organized. He said it has a significant impact on participants.

Amid a federal corruption probe, a suburban Chicago lawmaker wants to effectively ban red-light cameras.

The company SafeSpeed has contracts to provide red-light cameras to several Chicago suburbs. And it's reportedly part of a federal investigation driving raids on several suburban municipal offices and on the offices and home of state Sen. Martin Sandoval. Late last week the Chicago Democrat resigned his powerful position as head of the Senate Transportation Committee.

Law Enforcement
Marion Police

Marion Police are searching for a suspect in at least two auto burglaries from last month.

Texting While Driving Penalties Increase

Jul 2, 2019
A hand holding a phone with text messages behind the wheel of a car.

Stronger penalites for texting while driving took effect on July 1st.  

Drivers who are caught texting behind the wheel will receive a moving violation for their first offence. Previously, first-time offenders were treated as nonmoving violations.

Moving violations are recorded on person's driving record, and the motorist will also be fined and held liable for court costs. Anyone with three moving violations in a 12-month period will have their driver's license suspended.

Williamson County Sheriff's Department

A Hurst woman is accused of manslaughter in the death of her mother earlier this year.

Illinois’ weed legalization law won’t take effect until next year, but the Illinois State Police is wasting no time. That agency is preparing to enforce new regulations surrounding legal cannabis.

Carbondale Police

The missing 7-year-old girl from Carbondale has been found alive.

Williamson County Sheriff's Department

Williamson County State's Attorney Brandon Zanotti has filed formal charges against a man accused of shooting two people, killing one of them.

Illinois House lawmakers passed legislation requiring a parent be present when students are questioned or detained in connection to a crime.

Illinois lawmakers are moving to give judges more discretion in sentencing people convicted of certain crimes.

Carbondale Police say one person is wanted after a shooting on the city's town square Friday night.

Carbondale Police

Carbondale Police say they have obtained an arrest warrant for a 19-year-old related to an incident on a school bus this morning that prompted a school lockdown for a brief time.

Officers say 19-year-old Jekiary Anderson is wanted on charges for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. He is considered armed and dangerous.

Come January 14, Illinois will have a new

Hundreds of Chicago murder cases from as far back as 2014 have DNA evidence from the crime scene: it just hasn’t been processed yet by Illinois’ Forensic Science Lab. State senators met in Chicago on Monday to find out why.

An attorney representing the alleged Marshall County High School shooter is claiming that the school system and its legal representation are tampering with witnesses. 

Law Enforcement
Credit: Carbondale Police

Carbondale Police are looking for two men accused in a forgery scheme.

How Seeking Justice Retraumatizes Assault Survivors

Nov 14, 2018
An officer placing evidence into a labeled plastic bag


Rape and sexual assault are issues that have dominated the headlines recently. The response to those stories - whether they are about Brett Kavanaugh, Bill Cosby, or #MeToo - reveals a divide among Americans on what to do when someone says they’ve been assaulted.

As a society, we are still struggling to understand how rape and sexual assault affect victims and how to seek justice for these crimes.  


It’s an issue that hits close to home for a significant number of Americans.


A new report is trying to calculate a more realistic tally of what crime costs in Illinois.

A juror picked to hear the trial of a man accused in the 2014 death of a Southern Illinois University student asked to be excused, delaying the start of testimony.

His name was Devon McClyde, and he was 16 years old when he was caught in the crossfire of an argument while playing basketball one evening in a local park in Danville on June 8, 2016.

He died three days later – the victim of another gun crime in Central Illinois.


Herrin Police

Herrin Police say a man is in custody, after he tried to get away from a traffic stop by speeding through a cemetery.

Illinois is joining several states to abandon drug field testing by state police.

The test involves putting a substance in a liquid vial to confirm the presence of drugs.

The DEA, along with state police in Missouri and Michigan, have also ditched the practice; the move comes as awareness to the danger of opioid exposure is growing.

Updated Feb. 23 at 9:10 a.m. with  additional comments from Kim Gardner — A St. Louis grand jury has indicted Gov. Eric Greitens for felony invasion of privacy for allegedly taking a semi-nude photo of a woman without her permission. Greitens was arrested Thursday afternoon, but was released without having to post bond. 

One of his attorneys, Edward Dowd, said in a statement that he plans to file a motion to dismiss the charges.

“In forty years of public and private practice, I have never seen anything like this. The charges against my client are baseless and unfounded. My client is absolutely innocent,” he said.