Hydraulic Fracturing


Fracking is off to a feeble start in Illinois as slumping oil prices and the rigors of Illinois' new regulations have energy interests waiting on the sidelines.

Fracking legislation

Two months since Illinois enacted rules for high-volume oil and gas drilling, no company has applied for a state permit to put hydraulic fracturing to use.

Hydraulic fracturing, commonly called "fracking" - is an extraction method of natural gas that has many environmentalists concerned. It also has energy business booming in towns across the nation, and those towns will soon include ones in southern Illinois.


But in states where fracking is already underway, some say public health is at risk and pollution is happening. A recent study in Texas has looked at the liquid byproduct left over from fracking - and how it could be safely handled. Jamey Dunn joins us to talk about her recent column on the topic:


Illinois' Department of Natural Resources has come out with a set of highly-anticipated rules, that could finally lead to hydraulic fracturing in the state.

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Business, labor, and energy leaders are urging the governor and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to move forward on hydraulic fracturing regulations.

A contentious non-binding referendum to ban hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in Johnson County, Ill. failed at the ballot box Tuesday night. Fifty-eight percent voted NO to the proposition which would have asked the county board to pass an ordinance that would prohibit the controversial oil and gas extraction technique.


The four Republican candidates running for Governor all favor the development of high volume hydraulic fracturing in Illinois.

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Hundreds of people voiced their concerns about the process known as fracking during a meeting Tuesday  night in Decatur.


A poll by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute shows that opinion is split on hydraulic fracturing.


Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has signed into law what's touted as the nation's toughest regulations on hydraulic fracturing.


A group of House Republicans are calling for a vote on a bi-partisan fracing agreement currently stuck in the Rules Committee.

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The SIU Environmental Law Society recently held a panel discussion on the process known as high volume hydraulic fracturing that is utilized in the oil and natural gas industry.  

The discussion on the environmental and policy issues associated with "fracing" featured SIU Department of Geography Professor Chris Lant, Sierra Club Shawnee Group of Southern Illinois Chair Barb McKasson, and Illinois Oil & Gas Association Executive Vice President Brad Richards.

The discussion opened with a presentation by Chris Lant.

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Anti-fracking groups continue to call for a moratorium in Illinois. Several groups opposed to high volume hydraulic fracturing voiced their concerns about the process Friday outside the Thompson Center in Chicago.

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Backers of a measure to regulate high-volume gas and oil drilling in Illinois have agreed on the fees and extraction taxes that drillers would pay to the state.

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Environmental and other advocacy groups who want a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in Illinois took their message to the state capitol Tuesday.

Illinois environmentalists are divided on the drilling technique of hydraulic fracturing ... commonly known as "fracking." Some big name groups negotiated regulations that have already been hailed as a possible national model.

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Two southern Illinois lawmakers have introduced a bill to regulate high–volume Hydraulic oil and gas drilling in Illinois.

Marion Democratic state Rep. John Bradley and Olney Republican Rep. David Reis filed the bill Thursday. Supporters of hydraulic fracturing  or ``fracking,'' believe the bill has a good shot because it was negotiated by officials from industry and agriculture, environmentalists, lawmakers and Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

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Illinois lawmakers could consider sweeping regulations on hydraulic fracturing during their Spring Session.

A report issued by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce says fracking in Illinois could have a $9 billion economic impact.

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An environmental advocacy group is holding a rally in Carbondale to raise awareness of the process known as "Fracking"

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For more than two hours, residents from in and around the county implored the Commissioners to ban the practice in Williamson County.

Liz Patula is one of many concerned about the safety of the groundwater. She says contamination can't be contained.